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Store News – June 2024

Happy Pride month, you incandescent auroras! Welcome to the first monthly Outsider update on our new web site! In this issue: Trans Pride trans comics fair, the return of book clubs, a new art market, and some new books you may like!

Trans Comics @ Trans Pride

Reminder that we will be hosting four local trans comics creators at our table at Trans Pride Seattle this coming Friday. This year’s Trans Pride Seattle is even bigger than before so the organizers haven’t finalized table and tent placements yet, but we’ll post our location and directions to find us on our social media on the day of.

If you’ve seen our earlier announcement there’s actually a small schedule change: the time the artists will be at our booth have been bumped up an hour! The updated timetable is:

  • 5PM – Yugo Limbo
  • 6PM – Nero Villagallos O’Reilly
  • 7PM – Teo Hernandez DuVall
  • 8PM – A.L. Kaplan

Goblin ART Market! – 7/27

If you haven’t heard from our social media already we’ll be hosting our very first art market in our store the outdoor / parking space behind our shop in July! Join us and 10+ local artists with chaotic art goblin vibes on July 27th. Just like inside Outsider itself, you’ll find a curated selection of eclectic, cozy, and silly art from cool local artists. This isn’t a market where every vendor has a minimalist product line with Instagram-optimized Brands. This is a bunch of maximalist artists with too many ideas and so they make All The Things! We’ll be announcing the artist lineup during July. Keep an eye out on our social media or on the event page for more details!

The Return of the Book Club

The book clubs that which was once shattered by COVID has been reforged anew, thanks to our friends at GeekGirlCon! That’s right, book clubs finally return to Outsider Comics!

We’ve partnered with GeekGirlCon to bring you an as yet unnamed graphic novel book club that meets at 7PM on the 4th Thursday of each month, starting in July. The meeting space will be open starting at 6PM for quiet and companionable reading, if you’d like to (re)read right before discussion.

This month’s book will be Bunt! Striking Out on Financial Aid, from GGC 2023 guest Ngozi Ukazu. Currently we have a half dozen copies of Bunt! in the shop, so if you want to get a head start come on down and grab a copy!

Want more info? Got questions for the organizer? Check out the event page.

Some (New) Comics You May Like!

Now that we have a web site with an actual content management systems again we’ll be posting more detailed recommendations and reviews online in the near future, but in the meantime here are some books that came out recently that we’ve been really into!

Excerpt from Leaf Lace
Panel from Leaf Lace by Ashanti Fortson.
  • Leaf Lace – Short comic about love, mortality, and knitting. What do you do when the person you love is at their end and your grief is strong enough to tear down the world?
  • Dandelion – Anthology of connected sci-fi stories set in a world where the invention of a perpetual flying machine leads to not a utopia but the exile of the undesirables and the poor into the skies, where they can never set foot on land again. What happens when they threaten to come crashing down?
  • The Science of Ghosts – New graphic novel from Girl Haven writer Lilah Sturges, about a woman who would rather solve mysteries and hunt ghosts than deal with her personal problems and think about relationships and gender. Hashtag Relatable.
  • Trick Pony – Pastel gay rodeo fever dream. Sometimes five words are all you need to describe a book.
  • So Long Sad Love – A comic artist has to seriously re-evaluate her life after meet someone at an afterparty who has a concerning history with her boyfriend. Created by French cartoonist Marion Malle, this volume about female courage is gorgeously illustrated and one of our favorite Drawn and Quarterly published books.

Okay That’s All For Now

Thank you byyyyyyye!