Store Accessibility

Photo of the interior of a (comic) book store.

Here’s some information on what to expect accessibility-wise when you visit Outsider in person:

Mobility (In Store): There are no steps or stairs to climb to enter the store. The inside of the store has aisles at least 3 ft wide (generally wider if space allows). If more space is needed for access all shelving units on the shop floor can be moved by the staff to create extra room. Most adults in wheelchairs can access all but the top two shelves of our wall-mounted bookshelves without standing, and our staff is happy to help you access any item that may be out of your reach.

Mobility (Meeting Room): The back room which is used for events has narrower aisles since it is also used for storage and other back-end store needs. There is room for 2 wheelchairs at the central table where events generally happen. If accessibility is an issue we can usually move events to the shop floor by setting up folding tables.

Mobility (Parking Lot): The parking lot behind the store is a gravel lot and the direct path from it to the store is also covered in gravel and has two steps. The shortest path without steps from the store parking to the entrance of the store would be going east along the back alley, north on Phinney, and west on N 36th St, and is approximately 750 feet.

Sensory: Currently we have a small number of candles and wax melts in stock. They are in closed containers and should not cause discomfort to most folks. There are directed lights overhead and some spots in the store are brighter than others. We generally play some background music in the store and there is white noise from our HVAC units and our air purifier. Feel free to wear headphones and/or a hoodie in the shop if you feel overwhelmed! We can also turn down the music by request, though for health and safety we need to keep the HVAC and air purifier on at all times.

Masking: We currently require masks to be worn by all staff and customers above the age of 3 to wear masks in the store. Masks are provided (included kid sized ones!) but we appreciate it if you bring your own—partially because out budget only allows us to provide surgical masks and you may want to bring more effective KN95s or respirators. We have a HEPA air purifier running during open hours and our staff actively monitors the CO2 level in the store to activate additional ventilation (also known as “open some doors and windows”) when needed.