Outsider Comics is a queer and trans worker owned local comic book store located in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, WA. We cater to comic readers of all ages and experience levels, and we are proud to host an LGBTQIA+ inclusive environment.You can find the latest graphic novels, single issues of comics, zines and items made by local artists and crafters, gifts, and much more in our store. You can also find a curated selection of our inventory in our online store.

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Outsider Events

Join us for game nights, signings, book release, conventions, and more! You and check out our event calendar below for a quick glance at our upcoming events or visit/follow our Eventbrite page for more details and to RSVP for events.Currently all our events are free and Eventbrite tickers are not required to attend most events (though you can do it to get a nice reminder!). We do ask that you register for a free ticket for our Queer Commander Nights because we only have limited space. You can find free tickets via Eventbrite here.

Subscriptions and special orders

Subscribing to your favorite comics is the best way to support your local comic book store! You get comics regularly plus a discount on (almost) everything in the store for every active title you subscribe to!If you would like to start a new subscription or if you are a current subscriber and would like to make changes to or have questions about your subscription, please e-mail subscriptions@outsidercomics.com.---We don't have everything in stock because we don't have infinite space/money but we can probably special order it for you! Want us to special order something for you? Email us at subscriptions@outsidercomics.com! You don't have to be a subscriber for special orders, but subscribers get their usual discounts on special order items as well!

Contact Information

Want to get in touch? E-mail us at info@outsidercomics.com; if you'd like a more immediate response, call us at (206) 535 8886 or visit us at 223 N. 36th St., Seattle, WA 98103 during out business hours.We do not buy comics, whether vintage or new! Sorry!

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