Banner that has the store logo and says Store Update.

It’s a New Web Site!

Welcome to the new web site of Outsider Comic (and Geek Boutique)! If you’re like, what is Outsider, consider checking out our about us page or maybe get answers to some frequently asked questions.

For those who have been here before, here’s what’s new:

  • We now have a robust event calendar on the site listing all our upcoming events for the coming month+, just in time for regular events like game nights, craft nights, and book clubs to resume on Thursday nights at Outsider. You can even subscribe to it!
  • Accessibility information and parking information for our store are now available on the web site. We’ve put info on both mobility and sensory accessibility online; let us know if there’s any other info you’d like us to put up to make your visit easier!
  • The list of original Kickstarter backers who contributed to the campaign that the Taplins (original owners of Outsider Comics) ran to fund the store in 2016 is finally back online. You can also check out the history of Outsider and how it became what it is today on our new story page.

Since our web site is now based on an actual content management system it means that we can update it and do blog posts a lot more easily! You can expect monthly (at least) updates on here in parallel to our mailing list; though do keep an eye out on our social media for more day to day things and new / restocked products. We’ll also be posting staff recommendations and in-depth reviews up on here as well once we have the chance.

Thanks for your continued support of Outsider Comics! <3