So just what *is* Outsider Comics?

Outsider Comics and Geek Boutique is, according to our customers:

Photo of the interior of a (comic) book store.

“The most welcoming comic book store I’ve ever been to.”

Our vibe is cozy and welcoming, and perfect for everyone looking for a chill, relaxing, shopping experience. We won’t ever gatekeep comics or quiz you on comic book knowledge. We’re here because we’re geeks who love comics and books and art and pop culture, and the best part about loving things is to share them with other people! (We *do* gatekeep if you’re under 18 and you want to buy a spicy NSFW book, though, sorry kids!)

“A terrific little comic book store filled to the brim with unique stories to be told, and wonderful people to recommend them!”

Outsider Comics is a small store (probably the smallest comic book store in the Seattle area!) which means that we don’t have the single and back issue collections that our friends at other shops have, but it also means that our selection is highly curated. Everything that’s on our shelves is there for a reason! Being a small store also means we can also focus on things that we know you’ll love and give you the best, most personalized, recommendations and suggestions.

Photo of the interior of a (comic) book store.

“This is a comic store for people who think they don’t like comics.”

While we do carry a good selection of DC and Marvel comics, our focus is on independent publishers ranging from locally self-published zines and minicomics to medium sized publishers like Silver Sprocket and large indies like Image. If you’re not a fan of capes and spandex, that’s okay! Comics is now so much more beyond that and we’d love to show you what awesome stories folks have been telling with the medium.

“I have never seen this many pride flags in a single bookstore.”

We’ve always had a lot of pride flags but, as of 2024, Outsider Comics is owned by an Asian-American cottagecore lesbian trans catgirl so… *pride intensifies*. We carry a large selection of zines, comics, graphic novel and art by LGBTQIA+ creators, many of whom local to the Seattle area. We are aggressively queer and progressive, inclusive and sex-positive, and our inventory and community partnerships with nonprofits such as Books to Prisoners and Lambert House are only the tip of the iceberg.

Whether you’re looking for a picture book to explain neopronouns to kids, heartwarming cozy queer stories, sapphic enemies to love blooming on the battlefield, or books featuring catboys doing [redacted] things to each other atop a blahaj, we’ve got you covered.

Photo of the interior of a (comic) book store.