Want to order a book through us? First of all, thank you! We always appreciate it when folks order from small businesses instead of [insert large online bookstore]. We offer several types of ordering, all with no extra charge:


If you want to get the latest issues of ongoing series as soon as they come out and, more importantly, make sure they don’t sell out before you get your hands on one, subscriptions are the best way to go! Plus get store-wide discounts when you become a subscriber! Learn more about subscriptions?

Special Orders / Preorders

If you want to order a specific item we don’t have in stock or one that hasn’t come out yet, doing a special order is for you! Learn more about special orders / preorders?

Bulk Orders

Want anywhere between 10 to 500 books? Want like, 20 of the same book for a class or event? We do small to medium sized bulk ordering for businesses, non-profits, and individuals. Learn more about bulk orders?