Photo of the interior of a (comic) book store.

Is it Outsider Comics or Outsider Comics and Geek Boutique?
Our full official store name is Outsider Comics and Geek Boutique because we’re much more than just a comic shop! But it’s also a lot of words so we say Outsider Comics a lot.

Can we subscribe to, order, or preorder comics through you?
Yes, we do subscriptions and special orders at no additional cost to you (besides shipping, if you want things shipped). Check out our subscriptions / special orders / preorders page to see what you can order and how to go about doing it!

I want to give you money because I want to support a queer-owned local small business, but I don’t need any comic books. How can I give you money?
Come buy a book for Lambert House or Books to Prisoners Seattle, our non-profit partners! We have a special section in our store where you can purchase a book from their wishlists to either be sent to an incarcerated person or to be placed in a lending library for Seattle area queer, trans, and questioning youth. Not local? Send us an e-mail at info(at)outsidercomics.com and you can do that via our online invoicing system!

Do you buy comics?
We don’t. We just don’t have the space or the specialty knowledge for it! Check out our neighbor Ophelia’s Books if you want to sell hardcovers and trades; they may be buying! If you want to sell vintage comics or single issues, try Grumpy Old Man Comics in Ballard or Golden Age at Pike Place Market.

Do you sell Magic / Pokemon / Flesh and Blood / etc?
While we do host casual Magic the Gathering events and have a limited amount of sealed product we do not buy or sell singles. We do not sell any other trading or collectible card games. If you’re looking for Magic cards or competitive play, especially in a queer-friendly environment, visit our friends at Phoenix Comics and Games in Capitol Hill. For other card games check out the POC/family-owned shop Tabletop Village in the ID or Zulu’s Games in Bothell.

What’s your current COVID policy?
We currently require masks to be worn by all staff and customers above the age of 3 to wear masks in the store. Masks are provided (included kid sized ones!) but we appreciate it if you bring your own—partially because out budget only allows us to provide surgical masks and you may want to bring more effective KN95s or respirators. We have a HEPA air purifier running during open hours and our staff actively monitors the CO2 level in the store to activate additional ventilation (also known as “open some doors and windows”) when needed.

Where’s Add-A-Ball?
Walk down the alley next to the store, make a left after the beer garden, and walk down the block. It’ll be to your left just before the back alley ends.